Pastor Marion ministers in all spheres of leadership influence. As such, her logo is designed to reach male and female. However, when you see her logo with the flower inserted, you will know the event is focused on WIML. 


The year was 1980.  I stood in the foyer of our church holding my newborn son in my arms as women gathered around to give their congratulations.  Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a woman coming toward me.  I knew something was up because she had a determined look on her face and was known for having spiritual dreams with prophetic insight. She pushed her way through the group and with intentionality said these words to me, “I had a dream that you were pregnant.” Dumfounded, I looked at her and said, “I am sorry, but this is our last child.” A bit frustrated, she interrupted me to say, “No, you don’t understand; I see you pregnant with women leaders serving the church.” Mission accomplished and with few explanations, she departed the gathering as quickly as she entered.

 The problem for me with this encounter was that I had not seen or heard of any women in ministry leadership. I did not know anyone like this. I felt a bit like Mary and decided to simply ‘ponder this in my heart.’ Over the next years I determined to make myself available and prepare myself for what God might have in store for me. By 1988 I was installed as a pastor in that same church and the journey of becoming a voice of influence began.

Though I have seen many obstacles that could reasonably cause discouragement to women desiring to lead in the church, I also see the opportunities.  The dream I pondered in my heart so many years ago, has come to fruition.

My goal in offering this specific page on my website is three-fold. I want to network, resource, and encourage women serving in ministry leadership. 



  • Leadership Cohorts* ~ Cohorts for WIML are designed to coach and connect key women leaders in a relational learning environment for the purpose of future sponsoring, multiplication of women leaders, development of core competencies, and to create a cultural commitment to the advancement of WIML.

  • Retreats, Seminars, & Conferences* ~ Pastor Marion includes in this website key events for WIML that she endorses, hosts, or is the keynote speaker.

  • Video Resource** ~ Pastor Marion is the executive producer of a key resource created to help the church at large understand what the Bible says about WIML. This resource is sponsored by the Foursquare Church and is free to all who wish to utilize it. The video resource includes six hours of teaching on the topic of WIML. Pastor Marion decided to invite a respected pastoral leader and three accredited Biblical scholars to present the message. As such, she is not a presenter but is the executive producer of this helpful resource. The series is categorized into the following three topics.

  1. The Weight of Scriptural Evidence

  2. Paul's Prohibitions

  3. God's Call to Women

*Details and registration links are located on the events page of this website.

**Video series is located on the resource page of this website.