Unlocking the Gifts in You Video Series

Workshop Segments

Host Marion Ingegneri has a passion to help people understand their biblical gifts and to learn how to use those gifts for God’s glory. Presented to a studio audience, this engaging, insightful and interactive workshop offers biblical teaching on identifying how a person is “wired” so he or she can better serve God and reach people for Jesus Christ.

Series author Marion Ingegneri, encourages Christians to discover how God has gifted them for service but also how God has equipped and gifted those they serve alongside. She encourages team building that includes a diverse mix of spiritual gifts and explains how this inclusiveness can work together for spiritual growth and health in the church.

Series author Marion Ingegneri challenges people who have discovered and understand their individual spiritual gifts to now put those gifts to work for God. She describes a process that includes personal management, shared release of those gifts, and systemic determination as key elements to effective deployment of spiritual gifts.

Q&A Segment

Members attending the workshop, interact with Marion and are provided the opportunity to ask questions about any aspect of the workshop.