Welcome to PastorMarion.com

You will find this website is both a connection to the ministry adventures of Pastor Marion as well as a resource for empowering ministry leaders and Christians wishing to strengthen their walk with the Lord. 

We hope you enjoy the resources created and sponsored by Pastor Marion.

On the calendar page you will be able to follow events in which Pastor Marion is speaking, leading or participating. You will find a request form to schedule her for your event.

Pastor Marion is available to minister in almost any type of setting such as conferences, retreats, college classrooms, chapel sessions, online events, church services and camps. As a certified "Life Forming Leadership" coach, Pastor Marion is available to coach ministry leaders and strategize with ministry teams. She is also available for strategic planning sessions for your ministry and/or church.

With a strong global calling to empower and network leaders, Pastor Marion dedicated a large portion of her website to this purpose. Check out the Leadership blog, where significant leaders from all over the world will contribute a wealth of wisdom!  You are invited to return regularly to discover new leadership blog posts.

On the events page you will find specific gatherings focused on leaders. Some of the events might include networking groups, seminars, and webinars.

Finally you will discover leadership development and networking opportunities.

Though Pastor Marion’s focus on leaders is not gender specific, she does have a strong reach into the lives of women serving in ministry leadership. As such, she invites all women in ministry leadership (WIML) to check out the WIML page. In fact, anywhere in which you see her logo with the flower included, you can quickly identify the focus is for women in ministry leadership. 

Pastor Marion is a strategist with prophetic insight. Her leadership perspectives have helped churches and leaders around the world.